Kuala Lumpur

The forecast for KL was a bit grim!

I was only staying there for 3 days, all I wanted to do was eat and drink - the rooftop bar had a nice view of the city - the KL tower and the Petronas Towers. I didn't actually go visit the Petronas Towers myself.

I did however check out the National Mosque and some giant flagpole (sadly my lens had fogged up due to the humidity difference between the cool air-conditioned hostel and the cosy KL climate). This was where I got my lovely, but confusing leaflet. When you show up to the mosque with shorts on you get given big purple robes, so it's easy to identify our group :)

A short drive north of the city are the Batu Caves, a Hindu holy site with a massive buddha ... and monkeys!

Next up, Penang!

note: Again I've fallen behind my posting, i'm not currently in KL :)