New Zealand

I'm a little behind, so the next couple of posts will be in a slightly abbreviated form. 

FNZ offices in Wellington have the FNZ turbine logo with post-its:

Wellington cable car!

We planned a trip to the South Island around an ultimately ill-fated swim with Dolphins in Kaikoura. On the way we'd go to Blenheim to do a Sauvignon Blanc wine blending at Wither Hills which was cool.

The lucky residents of this Blenheim motel will have internet for a whole night!

The weather was terrible in Kaikoura so the swim was sadly cancelled, though it cleared up quick enough that we were able to enjoy the beach before our train to Christchurch.

In the Antarctic Centre in Christchurch, Audrey enjoyed dressing up. There were also little disabled penguins with missing flippers and things.

Back in Wellington we went through the Mt Victoria tunnel a few times, people toot their car horns when they go through it. Apparently they do it just to get a wee response from other drivers.

We also saw a statue with a Hover Dog, cool wind turbines, played on a Buzzy Bee and ate Mussels. 

I really loved being in NZ, and wished I had spent a little more time there. Maybe next time eh :)