I've been up to a lot of stuff and I've been too busy sleeping and drinking to write about it all properly. Here are some pictures.

St Martin's day, where the first wine made from the grapes picked in 2011 is drunk. I took a picture of a kid running around with a balloon which would have been amazing, but I missed the balloon.

Really hot girl serving Spirály - amazing deep friend potato things.

Me and a giant pic of a naked dude. So this turned out to be a gay bar.

When New Zealand won the world cup I went out drinking all day with the local rugby club. I thought the guy in the lions jersey looked like an overweight version of my cousin Ross and I was calling him that all day, he probably wasn't too chuffed about it. The bald guy in the background is an ex-US Marine who married a Czech stripper. When his wife found out he was drunk that day (Sunday) she told him not to come back home. He stayed in the pub drinking until she let him back in the house (Tuesday).

These guys were making a house of cards on their drusleeping friend. When I took a pic the guy with the 'tache stood up and revealed he was wearing some underwear over his jeans. Then we all flicked beermats at each other.

I went to Vienna as part of an epic journey which shall be documented in due course. For some reason there is a vast plaza featuring monuments with Cyrillic text on it. Never found out why, but I took a picture.

Traffic zooming past the bus on the way to Prague.