I have I discovered that I am an absolutely evil shot with an AK47 - the terrorist\rebel's assault rifle of choice. If you click the first pic below and let it load you can see the shock wave of the rounds pushing the felt draped across the ceiling. Pretty cool!

Apparently so many AK47s were manufactured here that in some parts of the world they're just referred to as a "Brno." Anyway it turns out that in Brno you can show up at a shooting range and for around £15 use some ridiculous weaponry. All told we fired a Glock, an AK47, a Desert Eagle and  Smith & Wesson 500. 

The targets they provide range from the usual "circle with numbers" to "pregnant lady being held hostage" and even "scantily clad giant boobs lady". Gonza had heroically saved pregnant lady with his AK47, but would go on to mercilessly dispatch giant-boobs-lady with his Desert Eagle.

Afterwards Gonza took us to a cool part of the city up on a hillside called "Kamenná kolonie" which was originally an illegal settlement built in the early 20th century which now has a quasi-legal status within the city (they have street signs, drainage and electricity but you can't buy or sell any of the properties).

We sat around on the street outside a tiny pub called "Duck Bar" drinking beer, talking nonsense, and playing around with the local kids until the sun went down.

I also drew a giant penis in some random guy's notebook when he wasn't looking.